Welcome to the website of Humane Technology Working Group

These are the webpages of the Dutch Humane Technology Working Group (in Dutch Werkgroep Menswaardige Techniek (WMT)).

This working group is committed to the stimulation and application of meaningful techniques and technical products where human dignity and integrity are not violated.

About us


Humane Technology Working group

About us

Technology exerted and increasingly exerts a profound influence on the life of man and his environment. Man fully benefitted from this in the past and the present by means of technical ingenuity. But the flip side of the coin is that man has become largely dependent on ever-advancing technical and technological developments. In many cases, technology resulted in inhuman situations caused by human actions.

The  Humane Technology Working Group was established in 2008 for two main reasons:

  1. Encouraging an awareness in society for the impact that technology and technology can achieve;
  2. Stimulating the production of technical products that can be considered “humane”.

Humane technology is characterised by the harmony between a meaningful development of mankind and the world in its intent and in its execution and application with respect to the required products.

Job description

  • Studying the technical developments in society and thereby making an inventory of techniques that affect human dignity in the above sense;
  • Investigating these techniques and their consequences for society;
  • Gaining insight into the essence of technology, in particular of the mechanical world.
  • The study of the essential characteristics and foundations of a decent (morally founded) technique.
  • The preparation of documents in which an ethical code of conduct and the characteristics of a decent technology are expressed.
  • The preparation of advice and principles that can be used to produce decent technical products, intended for managers, developers / designers, producers, users and other stakeholders.
  • Searching for / studying existing initiatives in the field of moral improvement of technology and possible cooperation with them.
  • The preparation of publications and the presentation of presentations that help to raise awareness of a technology that is considered worthy of humanity.
  • And furthermore all subjects that are relevant to the objectives of the Humane Technology Working Group.

Because “technology” is embedded in all layers of society and encompasses all natural science domains, a limitation of the domain under investigation has been made in advance. To this end, the research field is limited to “lifeless technology”, in particular physics (physics) and subjects and products derived therefrom.

In this context, the Humane Technology Working group is based on anthroposophical humanities and the human image mentioned therein, which people recognize as an authentic and autonomous being in the making, endowed with an independent mind and a potential free will that enables him to act as a creative being. In his actions, people can judge what is morally right or wrong.

Workgroup members

At this moment the following people are core member of the Humane Technology Working group:

  • Hr. G.H.W. Hondorp (ing)
  • Hr. A.P.M. van den Muijsenberg (drs)
  • Hr. C.K. Pesch (ing)
  • Hr. D.J. Sprangers (drs)
  • Hr. H. Stolk (member (of honour) of Dutch Expert group Obtrusive Light NSVV); member TC4_58 CIE. Died January 2022.

Experts are invited on a temporary basis, as required.