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From Humane Technology Work Group:

This includes opinions and views of WMT members regarding techniques and technologies that are currently highly relevant, such as robotics, games & virtual reality, “human enhancement”, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Documents that are not immediately available can be requested.

  • Pesch, C. (2011) Elektriciteit, ontstaan, aard en invloed op de mens, notition written may 2011, [download NL]
  • Sprangers, D. (2012) Waar komt elektriciteit vandaan en wat doet het met ons, talk in Dutch for AViN ledengroep Nijmegen, Nijmegen, 13-10-2012. [download NL]

What is behind the invisible, intangible force we call electricity and what does it do to us? This lecture paints a picture of this from a technical-scientific point of view, from statements by Rudolf Steiner and from conversations with natural beings conducted by Verena Staël von Holstein. Electricity can be seen as trapped fire. The positive and negative effects of electricity on us are becoming clear from both a technical and a spiritual point of view. Although our bodies naturally harbor electrical currents, external electricity generates induced currents in our body. In addition to fatigue and dizziness, this makes it more difficult to think properly and understand things. Our life force resists external electricity, but also hardens as a result. It becomes more difficult for the soul to get into the body and use the body. The main challenge here is to become aware of this when we use electricity – in all its forms, including smartphones and the like.

  • Stolk, H. (2018) Letter to Dir. General Energy, European Commission, 15 Jan 2018. “The outphasing of the halogen lamp in 2018 a pitfall”. [download NL] [download ENG] [download GER]
  • van den Muijsenberg T. (2019) Een symptomatologie. Over de noodzaak van morele techniek. Essay written July 2019, [download NL]
  • van den Muijsenberg T. (2020) Nature and Technology About the spatial movements of nature, English version October 2020, [download ENG[download NL]  
  • van den Muijsenberg T. (2020b) Over de intuïtie in het filosofisch werk van Rudolf Steiner.  September 29, 2020 (Day of Michaël). [download NL]

From other relevant sources:

These express views and opinions that do not automatically belong to the ideas of the WMT.



“The analology wants to check the validity of an analogy. This immediately encounters epistemological resistance, because the comparison of images has no direct mutual logical connection. In research, analology becomes not just a way of judging an analogy, but an instrument of the human ego.”