Opinions and views

From Humane Technology Work Group:

This includes opinions and views of WMT members regarding techniques and technologies that are currently highly relevant, such as robotics, games & virtual reality, “human enhancement”, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Documents that are not immediately available can be requested.

  • Pesch, C. (2011) Elektriciteit, ontstaan, aard en invloed op de mens, notition written may 2011, [download NL]
  • Sprangers, D. (2012) Waar komt elektriciteit vandaan en wat doet het met ons, talk in Dutch for AViN ledengroep Nijmegen, Nijmegen, 13-10-2012. [download NL]
  • Stolk, H. (2018) Letter to Dir. General Energy, European Commission, 15 Jan 2018. “The outphasing of the halogen lamp in 2018 a pitfall”. [download NL] [download ENG] [download GER]
  • van den Muijsenberg T. (2019) Een symptomatologie. Over de noodzaak van morele techniek. Essay written July 2019, [download NL]
  • van den Muijsenberg T. (2020) Nature and Technology About the spatial movements of nature, English version October 2020, [download ENG[download NL]  
  • van den Muijsenberg T. (2020b) Over de intuïtie in het filosofisch werk van Rudolf Steiner.  September 29, 2020 (Day of Michaël). [download NL]

From other relevant sources:

These express views and opinions that do not automatically belong to the ideas of the WMT.